About Faze

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I'm Faze The Hedgehog, or better known by my legal name Joshua. I am fairly well known due to my contributions to projects and companies such as Aternos, ModBot, Discordextremelist and more. I am currently 15 years of age and was born on March the second of 2006 in The Netherlands. I speak Dutch natively, and speak fluent (selftaught) English. I am a web developer in CSS3, HTML5, PHP7.4 and Javascript. Additionally, I develop software in Javascript and Python. I also have some experience with Batch development, but this is very limited.

The name itself already gives away much of its origin. It's a sonic OC created by me personally based off two canon Sonic franchise characters known as "Scourge The Hedgehog" and "Shadow The Hedgehog". This is a name I've had since the day I joined the Sonic fanbase after watching several of the series (such as "Sonic Boom" and "Sonic X") and watching playthrough's of games like "Sonic Heroes". There's currently no art on it that accurately represents Faze, but he is known to have Shadow's appearance with Scourge's style and behaviour.